24 March 2013, 10.39 pm

There'll be THREE tests (yes, three) this week for three consecutive days - starting from Tuesday.
So I don't think I'll update this blog for a moment.
(For the sake of the test. Haha)

For the first two papers, I think I can handle them, 'cuz i've started my revision since last four weeks.
(I always study four weeks earlier before test. I know I'm weird.)
The third paper, I think, the toughest for this semester. (insyaAllah my final semester)
Newton-Rhapson. Gauss-Seidel. Just like Numerical method, but it is a subject for Electrical Power.

Anyway, good luck for those taking the tests and exam.
And congratulations for those who scored for SPM and STPM.
For those who don't, just remember that written exam grades are just tiny little pieces of our life.
And nobody bothers after few years later.

SPM, STPM and other exams are just what we did few months ago.
It is today that matters, which reflects your true self.

May Allah bless.


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