September 23 2014, 2.57 am

and only if

our path crossed again someday,
my answer will always be the same.

and only if.


Will you be on the other side?
Will you forget me?

~ Tourniquet, by Evanescence

September 29 2014, 1.56 am

Untuk setiap hari yang berlalu,
kadang-kadang kita terlupa kita ni pernah jadi budak.
Pernah main sorok-sorok dengan jiran sebaya.
Kalau dah berkumpul, memang riuh sekampung.
The world is the biggest playground we ever have.

Dulu pernah la jugak saya kena kurung kat dalam stor rumah.
Stor tu sebenarnya kat luar rumah kami.
Saya ni pun agak nakal la jugak.
Kayuh basikal sampai ke jalan besar.
Banyak kenderaan berat lalu lalang kat kawasan tu.
Lepas tu kantoi pulak dengan abah.
Saya parking basikal dalam stor, dan dikunci dari luar.

Ada jugak masanya saya malas nak buat latihan matematik.
Masa tu mama suruh saya buat latih tubi.
Saya yang tengah bermasam muka pun padam semua jalan kerja yang dah diconteng kat buku tu.
Mama report kat abah.
Abah tarik lengan saya dan tolak saya keluar dari pintu rumah.
Waktu tu malam.
Anjing menyalak-nyalak kat padang belakang rumah.
I was terrified and begging to him that I want to enter the house.
And abh slammed the door.
I was alone, and crying.
I can remember exactly what happened that night.

And I hate him for the rest of my life.
I hate my own biological father.

Perwatakan saya mula berubah.
Saya jadi pendiam sehingga saya masuk usia remaja.
And I always choose not to look at his face, or even talk to him.
Because I hate him. Seriousy.
Kadang-kadang saya pernah berharap, lebih baik abah takde terus kat dunia ni.
There's still lots of black episodes on my life.
Pernah makan pelempang. Pernah kena rotan.
Hubungan abah dan saya memang tak pernah baik.
He did tried to to talk to me.
It's just I don't really want to open my heart to him.
If I'm truly have a heart, anyway.

But once he passed away, the whole world turns black.
I should be glad, right?
No. I'm totally lost.
Somehow, there are lots of things that I regret.

And I'm always wondering,
what kind of person I would be
if he's not around
when a was a little kid?

Thank you
for everything.

Environment and upbringing mold your personality in a way.
~ Anthem by Hlovate

~Natural Cure~

September 27 2014, 10.37 pm

I'm 23.

11 months ago, I received a certificate, which written as "the degree of Bachelor Of Engineering (Electrical) ".

4 months before that, I returned home after packing my things, cleaning up my room in Kolej Tuanku Canselor, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia. I returned the key to the office and bid farewell to my friends.

4 years before, it was my first time in Johor. Which is the day that I registered as the first year student. We look around the UTM and the faculty. And I cried after waving goodbyes to my family.

2 months before that, I left Kolej Matrikulasi Kedah. My family and I went to Penang. It was my second time actually. The first time was when I was still a baby. Ican't remember anything. It was a trip from my father's company. By the way, I still have exam on that day. An exam to enter Universiti Sains Malaysia, but I forgot its name. We're the first batch to sit for the paper. Around 12 pm or so, my family and I left KMK. And I never return there until now. In fact, I never return to Kedah for years.

11 months before that, I enter KMK. It's officially my first journey to leave home to study. I heard that my ex-classmates enter UiTM in Shah Alam, which is just a few minutes from our previous secondary school. Some of them will go to Malacca for Asasi, Penang for Diploma, private college, Form 6 in ACS Klang etc. I was the farthest. Just a few kilometers from Malaysia-Thailand borders. Of course, I cried when abah and mama left. I have nobody there. Nobody.

A month before, I'm in dilemma. Either KMK for Physical Science or UIAM with Asasi in Science. I called my uncle, because he's so wise. He asked me, what is my ambition. To be honest, I feel lost. I don't know where to go. I got lots of opportunities and one of the brightest student in my school, yet I have no idea what I wanna be in the future. So, he suggested that I should choose KMK. Well, UIAM is not that bad, and it's in Gombak. I can return home every week if I want to. But it's Science. And I think I like Engineering more than Science. Because my Physics, Chemistry, Math and Add Math are my strongest asset.. Besides, numbers and calculations are my passions. I always believe that I will have more opprtunities in engineering career. And one more thing: my father was a technician, my aunt is also an officer for the techinicians, and my uncle himself is an engineer. So, basically, engineering is in my blood. But that doesn't mean I hate Science. So, I chose KMK.

A month before that, I received my SPM result with flying colours. Everyone says "Congratulations!". I met my teachers. I met my friends. My friends and I went to Mid Valley and we watched a movie and did lots of things together.

4 months before that, it was my last of SPM exams. I think it's Biology Paper 3. And we have our own 'merdeka' time. No more books to study, and we gathered in front of the school for the very last time. Well, it's not really the last day that we gathered as classmates, because we need to return our SPBT text books weeks after that. I retuned home by taking a bus. i arrived home, and watch the tv with my siblings. I love the Spring Waltz in TV2 (a Korean drama. One of the four seasoned theme love drama like Autumn in My Heart, Winter Sonata and Summer Scent). I think it was the first day that Aeon Bukit Tinggi open for public, but I can't remember the exact date. My family aand I went shopping. Oh, no more school after this. And I'm gonna miss the moment. My secondary school was SMK Telok Gadong, Klang, Selangor.

5 years before, I came to my primary school for the last time, as it was our final day of school. I realised that most student have took their UPSR results a day before. I didn't know that it came out yesterday. So I just walked in a corridor and saw some students standing besides a board and reading something. I also take at the papers, and my goodness! I was one of the seven students who scored 5As. I called my mum, and she was shocked, and congratulates me. And I received RM100 from the school as a concolation prize. The teacher said, "Kecil-kecil cili padi, dipersilakan adik (put my real name here)". Then I go to the stage to take the money. I was 120 cm and 20 kg. Quite small for 12 years old student. One of the smallest student in the school. Some students called me with 'Pendek', 'Ketot' and something like that. (This is one of the reason why I have a low self esteem attitude until now. It comes from my physical appearence, which develops as trauma. I scared to lots of things.) And I bid farewell to my friends, of course.

6 years before that, I t was my first day of school. Indeed, I'm a small person. I have some problems with my eye, which forces me to wear spectacles when I was in Standard 2. Because I can't see anything on the blackboard, I'm easily got frustrated and I don't want to copy anything whatever the teacher writes. I think there's a lot of discussions between the teachers, they decided to change my place to the front. I got a new group, and try to blend in with them. And thanks to teachers involved, and those who diagnosed me with eye-sighted problem, I became who I am today. I'm totally grateful. My primary school was Sekolah Kebangsaan Sungai Udang, Klang, Selangor.


There's time when we greet our new friends.
We said 'You're always be my best friend forever,
There'll be some punch and slap altogether,
And we'll always forgives each other.

And there's also time when we have to say our final goodbyes.
We promised that we'll always keep in touch in the future
And said 'You're the brother or sister that I will always remember'
And we'll never heard anything from them anymore.

People come. And people go.
We've been through this for ages.
But, that's life. We'll be forgotten anyway.

Having thousands of friends is the same as no friend at all.
We might greet them today.
Wish their birthday every year.
Hoping that they'll like our statuses, retweet or anything.
Share convocation pictures together.
Congratulates them for their marriage.
They'll meet new friends.
We'll meet new friends.
And life goes on.

And silent for years.
We'll be forgotten.

It's so sad to look at them.
We're still friends, but we're not friendly.
We never greet. We never say "Hi!" anymore.
And we hardly knew them.

I guess, this is one of the main reason why I deactivated my social network account.
It's not that I want to forget them.
I'm just taking a step forward much earlier
and realizes that life must go on.

~Natural Cure~

26 September 2014, 4.41 am


You know I've seen a lot of what the world can do
And it's breaking my heart in two
 'cause I never wanna see you sad girl
Don't be a bad girl

But if you wanna leave, take good care
I hope you make a lot of nice friends out there
But just remember there's a lot of bad and beware

Ooh baby baby it's a wild world
It's hard to get by just upon a smile
Ooh baby bay it's a wild world
I'll always remember you like a child, girl

The original singer for this song is Cat Steven, a.k.a. Yusuf Islam.
This version was performed mainly by Mike Bailey from the popular teen drama in UK, Skins at the end of season one.
(He's Sid in the drama)
I've watched most of the first generation episodes (I haven't watch the last two episodes- "Cassie" and "Final Goddbyes").

I do agree that the content of this drama is totally not suitable for Malaysians, and I believe it won't be aired here in the future.
But I believe that we, as adults, can differentiate what is good and bad.

There's something good about the drama, anyway.
It tells the bitter reality that happens to our society, especially to the youth. It explores the theme of dysfunctional family, liquors, drugs,  death, pregnancy, friendship, betrayal and of course, love. (and their wild lifestyle, which I totally disagree.)

It reminds me of the Malaysian drama in 2007, K.A.M.I..
Every episode focus on one main character, and what happens the episode before will be given a slight glimpse to the viewers, but in the point of view of the titular episode character.

There are seven season overall (which they call it 'Series'). The first two series tells the story of the first generation. Once their two years completed, new cast will enter the series as the second generation. And after two years, there will be the next third generation. The seventh series tells the stories of what happened to the first two generation when they're a little bit older and facing the real world as a young adult

Of all the characters, I think I like Tony and Cassie the most. Anthony "Tony" Stonem is the bad guy of the earlier part of the story (and also the hero) but once he lost everything and everyone, he becomes so vulnerable and fragile. As the story progresses, he's getting much much much stronger than before. He is respected in his own way. Besides, I love his hairstyle. It's so cool. Cassandra "Cassie" Ainsworth is a little bit 'mental', yet a happy-go-lucky sweet person. But she's also has her own issues. It's quite hard to believe that the character does actually exist in the real world. She might be the "not really care about other person" type, but I think she's the most emotional character among the main cast. It's just she hides it from other people. The famous line that describes her is from Tony: "She's thin. She's blonde. She says 'Wow!' a lot.".

That's all for now.
Until then, see ya.

~Natural Cure~

September 16 2014, 1.35 pm

After spending 473 hours and 43 minutes (that is, almost 20 days consecutively)  in Pokemon HeartGold, this is what I got.

Black Card

You can get this type of Trainer Card if you fulfill these conditions:
1. Enter the Hall of Fame
2. Complete National Pokedex
3. Win 100 victories in a row at the Battle Tower
4. Open the Friendship Room at the Pokeathlon Dome
5 Get your first crown on one of your Pokemon.

Firstly, I suggest you get these Pokemon first, because they are extremely strong Pokemon in Johto.
Try to get them first before you train the others.
1. Tyranitar - Rock, Dark
2. Typhlosion - Fire
3. Feraligatr - Water
4. Espeon - Psychic
5. Porygon2 - Normal
6. Ampharos - Electric
7. Scizor - Bug, Steel
8. Heracross - Bug, Fighting
9. Ursaring - Normal
10. Houndoom - Dark, Fire
11. Donphan - Ground
12. Slowking - Water, Psychic
13. Octillery - Water
14. Granbull - Normal
15. Piloswine - Ice, Ground
16. Sunflora - Grass
17. Sudowoodo - Rock

A. Enter the Hall of Fame

To enter the Hall of Fame, you need to beat the Elite Four and also the Champion in the Pokemon League. Just remember that you can't heal your Pokemon once you enter the door. Make sure that you buy lots of Full Restore (for HP) and plant Leppa Berries (for PP) earlier.

My party:
1. Jynx Lv 61 -  Blizzard, Avalanche, Confusion, Powder Snow
2. Hitmonlee Lv 60 -Close Combat, Mega Kick, Hi Jump Kick, Blae Kick
3. Haunter Lv 61 - Shadow Pulse, Dark Pulse, Nightare, Mean Look
4. Tyranitar Lv 61 - Eartquake, Stone Edge, Crunch, Dark Pulse
5. Heracross Lv 60 - Close Combat, Megahorn,  Take Down, Brick Break
6. Pidgeot Lv 39 - Fly, Wing Attack, Gust, Twister

Will - Use Tyranitar or Houndoom
Koga- Use Typhlosion, Espeon, Houndoom, or Slowking
Bruno - Use Espeon, Slowking, Feraligatr. Sunflora, Piloswine, Heracross, Donphan, Scizor
Karen - Use Heracross, Espeon, Slowking, Tyranitar, Ampharos, Piloswine, Sudowoodo
Lance - Use Tyranitar or Sudowoodo

So, I think the best Johto team for Pokemon League consists of Tyranitar, Typhlosion, Espeon, Feraligatr and Heracross. But you can always try your own combination.

In the end, you will enter the Hall of Fame.

B. Complete National Pokedex

This is, in my opinion, the hardest thing to do in the whole game. The last Pokemon that I need to complete the Pokedex is Lucario. I caught Rilou Lv 45 from the Safari Zone, and increase its happiness (Haircut in Goldenrod City, meet Daisy everyday around 3 pm to 4 pm in Viridian, give status boosted item, make it holding the Soothe Bell and always bring it to my party of six.)

This is the list of 493 Pokemon.

1. Bulbasaur - One of the three starters that Prof.Oak will give you after beating Red.
2. Ivysaur - Bulbasaur Lv 16
3. Venusaur - Ivysaur Lv 32
4. Charmander - One of the three starters that Prof.Oak will give you after beating Red.
5. Charmeleon - Charmander Lv 16
6. Charizard - Charmeleon Lv 36
7. Squirtle - One of the three starters that Prof.Oak will give you after beating Red.
8. Wartortle - Squirtle Lv 16
9. Blastoise -  Wartortle Lv 36
10. Caterpie - Route 30
11. Metapod - Caterpie Level 7
12. Butterfree - Metapod Level 10
13. Weedle -  Bug Catching Contest, after obtaining National Pokedex, Tuesday.
14. Kakuna - Weedle Level 7
15. Beedrill - Kakuna Level 10
16. Pidgey - Route 29
17. Pidgeotto - Pidegy Level 18
18. Pidgeot - Pidgeotto Lv 36
19. Rattata - Route 29
20. Raticate - Rattata Lv 20
21. Spearow - Route 33
22 Fearow - Spearow Lv 20
23 Ekans - Goldenrod Game Corner prize (700 coins)
24. Arbok - Ekans Lv 22
25. Pikachu - Viridian Forest
26 Raichu - Pikachu, Thunderstone
27 Sandshrew - Union Cave
28 Sandslash - Sandshrew Level 22
29 Nidoran (Female) - Route 35
30 Nidorina - Nidoran (Female) Level 16
31 Nidoqueen - Nidorina, Moon Stone
32 Nidoran (Male) - Route 35
33 Nidorino Nidoran (Male) Level 16
34 Nidoking - Nidorino, Moon Stone
35 Clefairy - Mt. Moon
36 Clefable - Clefairy, Moon Stone
37 Vulpix - Trade from SoulSilver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
38 Ninetales - Vulpix, Fire Stone
39 Jigglypuff - Route 3
40 Wigglytuff- Jigglypuff, Moon Stone
41 Zubat - Route 32
42 Golbat - Zubat, Level 22
43 Oddish - Ilex Forest, Night
44 Gloom - Oddish, Level 21
45 Vileplume - Gloom, Leaf Stone
46 Paras - Ilex Forest
47 Parasect - Paras, Level 24
48 Venonat - Route 43
49 Venomoth - Venonat, Level 31
50 Diglett - Route 48
51 Dugtrio - Diglett, Level 26
52 Meowth - Trade from SoulSilver/Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
53 Persian - Meowth Level 28
54 Psyduck - Ilex Forest
55 Golduck - Psyduck, Level 33
56 Mankey - Route 42
57 Primeape - Mankey, Level 28
58 Growlithe - Route 36
59 Arcanine - Growlithe, Fire Stone
60 Poliwag - Route 30
61 Poliwhirl- Poliwag Level 25
62 Poliwrath - Poliwhirl, Water Stone
63 Abra - Route 34
64 Kadabra - Abra, Level 16
65 Alakazam - Trade Kadabra
66 Machop - Mt. Mortar
67 Machoke - Machop Level 28
68 Machamp - Trade Machoke
69 Bellsprout - Route 31
70 Weepinbell - Bellsprout Level 21
71 Victreebel - Weepibell, Leaf Stone
72 Tentacool - Route 32
73 Tentacruel - Tentacool Level 30
74 Geodude - Dark cave
75 Graveler - Geodude Level 25
76 Golem - Trade Graveler
77 Ponyta - Route 27
78 Rapidash - Ponyta Level 40
79 Slowpoke - Slowpoke Well
80 Slowbro - Slowpoke Level 37
81 Magnemite - Route 38
82 Magneton - Magnemite Level 30
83 Farfetch'd - Route 38
84 Doduo - Route 27
85 Dodrio - Doduo Level 21
86 Seel - Whirl Islands
87 Dewgong - Seel Level 34
88 Grimer - Route 16
89 Muk - Grimer Level 38
90 Shellder - Route 41
91 Cloyster - Shellder, Water Stone
92 Gastly - Sprout Tower, Night
93 Haunter - Gastly, Level 25
94 Gengar - Trade Haunter
95 Onix - Union Cave
96 Drowzee - Route 34
97 Hypno - Drowzee, Level 26
98 Krabby - Route 34
99 Kingler - Krabby Level 28
100 Voltorb - Route 10
101 Electrode - Voltorb Level 30
102 Exeggcute - Use Headbutt in New Bark Town/Route 29
103 Exeggutor Exeggcute, Leaf Stone
104 Cubone - Rock Tunnel
105 Marowak - Cubone. Level 28
106 Hitmonlee - Tyrogue, Attack higher than Defense, Level 20
107 Hitmonchan - Tyrogue, Defense higher than Attack, Level 20
108 Lickitung - Route 44
109 Koffing - Burned Tower
110 Weezing - Koffing Level 36
111 Rhyhorn - Victory Road
112 Rhydon - Rhyhorn Level 42
113 Chansey - Route 13
114 Tangela - Route 44
115 Kangaskhan - Rock Tunnel
116 Horsea - Whirl Islands
117 Seadra - Horsea Level 32
118 Goldeen - Union Cave
119 Seaking - Goldeen Level 33
120 Staryu - Route 34, Night
121 Starmie -  Staryu, Water Stone
122 Mr. Mime - Route 21, Night
123 Scyther - Bug Catching Contest
124 Jynx - Ice Path
125 Electabuzz - Route 10
126 Magmar - Birned Tower
127 Pinsir - Bug Catching Contest
128 Tauros - Route 38
129 Magikarp - Route 30
130 Gyarados - Magikarp Level 20
131 Lapras - Safari Zone, Rocky Beach area, water surface
132 Ditto - Route 34
133 Eevee - Receive from Bill in Goldenrod City
134 Vaporeon - Eevee, Water Stone
135 Jolteon - Eevee, Thunderstone
136 Flareon - Eevee, Fire Stone
137 Porygon - Celadon Game Corner Prize (9999 coins)
138 Omanyte -  restore Helix Fossil at Pewter Museum of Science
139 Omastar - Omanyte Level 40
140 Kabuto - trade from SoulSilver
141 Kabutops - Kabuto Level 40
142 Aerodactyl - restore Old Amber at Pewter Museum of Science
143 Snorlax - Wake up Snorlax at Route 11 using radio (Poke Flute)
144 Articuno - Seafoam Islands
145 Zapdos - Route 10. After collecting 8 Kato Gym Badges.
146 Moltres - Mt. Silver.
147 Dratini - Dragon's Den
148 Dragonair - Dratini Level 30
149 Dragonite - Dragonair Level 55
150 Mewtwo - Cerulean Cave
151 Mew - *Event Exclusive* trade from Diamond/Pearl
152 Chikorita - one of three starters from Prof. Elm
153 Bayleef - Chikorita Level 16
154 Meganium - Bayleef Level 32
155 Cyndaquil - one of three starters from Prof. Elm
156 Quilava - Cyndaquil Level 14
157 Typhlosion -  Quilava Level 36
158 Totodile - one of three starters from Prof. Elm
159 Croconaw - Totodile Level 18
160 Feraligatr - Croconaw Level 30
161 Sentret - Route 29
162 Furret - Level 15
163 Hotthoot - Route 29
164 Noctowl - Level 20
165 Ledyba - trade from SoulSilver
166 Ledian - Ledyba Level 18
167 Spinarak - Route 29
168 Ariados - Spinarak Level 22
169 Crobat - Golbat, Max Happiness
170 Chinchou - Route 41
171 Lanturn - Chinchou Level 27
172 Pichu - Breed Pikachu or Raichu
173 Cleffa - Breed Clefairy of Clefable
174 Igglybuff - Breed Jigglypuff or Wigglytuff
175 Togepi - Hatch Mystery egg from Mr. Pokemon
176 Togetic - Togepi, Max Happiness
177 Natu - Ruins of Alph
178 Xatu - Natu Level 25
179 Mareep - Route 32
180 Flaaffy - Mareep Level 15
181 Ampharos - Flaaffy Level 30
182 Bellossom - Gloom, Sun Stone
183 Marill - Mt. Mortar
184 Azumarill - Marill, Level 18
185 Sudowoodo - Use Squirtbottle on Route 36
186 Politoed - Poliwhirl, trade with King's Rock
187 Hoppip - Route 32
188 Skiploom - Hoppip Level 18
189 Jumpluff - Skiploom Level 27
190 Aipom - Use Headbutt in Azalea Town/Route 33
191 Sunkern - National Park, Day
192 Sunflora - Sunkern, Sun Stone
193 Yanma - Route 35
194 Wooper - Union Cave
195 Quagsire - Wooper, Level 20
196 Espeon - Eevee, max Happiness, Day
197 Umbreon - Eevee, max Happiness, Night
198 Murkrow - Route 7, Night
199 Slowking - Slowpoke, trade with King's Rock
200 Misdreavus - Cliff Cave/Mt. Mortar, Night
201 Unown - Ruins of Alph
202 Wobbuffet - Dark Cave
203 Girafarig - Route 43
204 Pineco - Use Headbutt in Route 29/New Bar Town
205 Forretress - Pineco, Level 31
206 Dunsparce - Dark Cave
207 Gligar - Route 45
208 Steelix - Onix, traade with Metal Coat
209 Snubbull - Route 38
210 Granbull - Snubbull Level 23
211 Qwillfish - Route 32
212 Scizor - Scyther, trade with Metal Coat
213 Shuckle - Cianwood City
214 Heracross - Use Headbutt in Azalea City/Route 33
215 Sneasel - Route 28, Night
216 Teddiursa - trade from SoulSilver
217 Ursaring - Teddiursa Level 30
218 Slugma - Route 16
219 Magcargo - Slugma Level 38
220 Swinub - Ice Path
221 Piloswine- Swinub Level 33
222 Corsola - Route 34
223 Remoraid - Route 44
224 Octillery - Remoraid Level 25
225 Delibird - trade from SoulSilver
226 Mantine - Route 41
227 Skarmory - trade from SoulSilver
228 Houndour - Route 7, Night
229 Houndoom - Houndour Level 24
230 Kingdra - Seadra, trade with Dragon Scale
231 Phanpy - Route 45
232 Donphan - Phanpy, Level 25
233 Porygon2 - Porygon, trade with Upgrade
234 Stantler - Route 36
235 Smeargle - Ruins of Alph
236 Tyrogue - Receive from a Black Belt in Mt. Mortar
237 Hitmontop Tyrogue, Attack and Defense are equal, Level 20
238 Smoochum - Breed Jynx
239 Elekid - Breed Electabuzz or Electrivire
240 Magby - Breed Magmar or Magmortar
241 Miltank - Route 38
242 Blissey - Chansey max Happiness
243 Raikou - roaming throughout Johto grass
244 Entei - roaming throughout Johto grass
245 Suicune - Route 25
246 Larvitar- Mt. Silver Cave/Safari Zone.
247 Pupitar - Larvitar Level 30
248 Tyranitar - Pupitar Level 55
249 Lugia - Whirl Islands
250 Ho-oh - Bell Tower
251 Celebi - *Event Exclusive*
252 Treecko - one of three starters that will be given by Steven.
253 Grovyle - Treecko Level 16
254 Sceptile - Grovyle Level 36
255 Torchic - one of three starters that will be given by Steven.
256 Combusken - Torchic Level 16
257 Blaziken - Combusken Level 36
258 Mudkip - one of three starters that will be given by Steven.
259 Marshtomp - Mudkip Level 16 
260 Swampert -  Marshtomp Level 36
261 Poochyena -  *Mass Outbreak* Route 1
262 Mightyena - Poochyena level 18
263 Zigzagoon -  *Hoenn Sound* Bell Tower
264 Linoone - Zigzagoon Level 20
265 Wurmple - Pallet Town, Use Headbutt
266 Silcoon - Wurmple Level 7, random
267 Beautifly - Silcoon Level 10
268 Cascoon - Wurmple Level 7, random
269 Dustox - Cascoon Level 10
270 Lotad - Safari Zone, Plains Area, Water Objects
271 Lombre - Lotad Level 14
272 Ludicolo - Lombre, Water Stone
273 Seedot - Viridian Forest (Use Headbutt)
274 Nuzleaf - Seedot Level 14
275 Shiftry - Nuzleaf, Leaf Stone
276 Taillow - Use Headbutt in Cherrygrove City (after using Rock Climb)
277 Swellow - Taillow, Level 22
278 Wingull - *Mass Outbreak* Vermillion City
279 Pelipper - Wingull Level 25
280 Ralts - *Mass Outbreak* Route 34
281 Kirlia - Ralts Level 20
282 Gardevoir - Kirlia Level 30
283 Surskit - Safari Zone, Forest Area, Water Objects
284 Masquerain - Surskit Level 22
285 Shroomish -  Viridian Forest, Use Headbutt
286 Breloom - Shroomish Level 23
287 Slakoth - Use Headbutt in Route 25, (four trees in the northward)
288 Vigoroth - Slakoth Level 18 
289 Slaking - Vigoroth Level 36
290 Nincada - Bug Catching Contest, Thursday
291 Ninjask - Nincada, Level 20
292 Shedinja - Nincada, Level 20, spare slot in the party
293 Whismur - *Hoenn Sound*  Route 4
294 Loudred - Whismur, Level 20
295 Exploud - Loudred, Level 40
296 Makuhita - *Hoenn Sound* Dark Cave
297 Hariyama - Makuhita Level 24
298 Azurill - Breed Marill or Azumarill, Female, holding Sea Incense
299 Nosepass - Safari Zone, Meadow Area, Rock Objects
300 Skitty - *PokeWalker* Hoenn Field
301 Delcatty - Skitty, Moon Stone
302 Sableye - *Mass Outbreak* Route 9
303 Mawile - trade from Soulsilver
304 Aron - Safari Zone, Rocky Beach Area, Rock Objects
305 Lairon - Aron, Level 32
306 Aggron - Lairon, Level 42
307 Meditite - *Sinnoh Sound* Bell Tower
308 Medicham - Meditite,  level 37
309 Electrike - Safari Zone, Rocky Beach Area, Grass objects
310 Manectric - Electrike, Level 26
311 Plusle - *Hoenn Sound* National Park
312 Minun - *Hoenn Sound* National Park
313 Volbeat - Bug Catching Contest, Thursday
314 Illumise - Bug Catching Contest, Saturday
315 Roselia - Safari Zone, Marshland, Forest Objects
316 Gulpin - trade from SoulSilver
317 Swalot - Gulpin, Level 26
318 Carvanha - *PokeWalker* Warm Beach
319 Sharpedo - Carvanha Level 30
320 Wailmer - *PokeWalker* Warm Beach
321 Wailord - Wailmer Level 40
322 Numel - *Hoenn Sound* Ilex Forest
323 Cameupt - Numel, Level 33
324 Torkoal - Safari Zone, Savannah Area, Rock Objects
325 Spoink - *Hoenn Sound* Ilex Forest
326 Grumpig - Spoink, Level 32
327 Spinda - *Hoenn Sound* - Bell Tower
328 Trapinch - Safari Zone, Desert, Rock Objects
329 Vibrava - Trapinch, Level 35
330 Flygon -  Vibrava, Level 45
331 Cacnea - Safari Zone, Desert Area, Forest
332 Cacturne -  Cacnea, Level 32
333 Swablu -  *Mass Outbreak* Route 45
334 Altaria - Swablu, Level 35
335 Zangoose - Safari Zone, Rock Area, Grass objects
336 Seviper - Safari Zone, Marshland, Grass objects
337 Lunatone - Safari Zone, Mountain, Rock
338 Solrock - Safari Zone, Wasteland, Rock Objects
339 Barboach - Safari Zone, Marshland, Water Objects
340 Whiscash - Barboach, level 30
341 Corphish - Safari Zone, Rocky Beach, Water Objects
342 Crawdaunt - Corphish, Level 30
343 Baltoy - *Mass Outbreak* Route 3
344 Claydol - Baltoy Level 36
345 Lileep - trade from SoulSilver
346 Cradily - Lileep, Level 40
347 Anorith - Restore Claw Fossil
348 Armaldo - Anorith, Level 40
349 Feebas - *PokeWalker* Quiet Cave
350 Milotic - Feebas, max Beauty (let Daisy groom Feebas in Pallet Town everyday from 3 pm to 4 pm, about 8-10 times. Then, level up the Feebas.)
351 Castform - *PokeWalker* Treehouse
352 Kecleon - *PokeWalker* Treehouse
353 Shuppet - Safari Zone, Forest, Forest Objects
354 Banette - Shuppet, Level 37
355 Duskull - Safari Zone, Swamp, Rock
356 Dusclops - Duskull, Level 37
357 Tropius - *PokeWalker* Big Forest
358 Chimecho - Safari Zone, Swamp, Forest objects
359 Absol - *Hoenn Sound* Dark Cave
360 Wynaut - Wobbuffet, Female, holding Lax Incense
361 Snorunt - *PokeWalker* Icy Mountain Rd
362 Glalie, Snorunt, Level 42
363 Spheal - Safari Zone, Peak Area, Water objects
364 Sealeo - Spheal, Level 32
365 Walrein - Sealeo, Level 44
366 Clamperl - *Mass Outbreak* Route 19
367 Huntail - Clamperl, Trade with Deep Sea Tooth
368 Gorebyss - Clamperl, Trade with Deep Sea Scale
369 Relicanth - *Mass Outbreak* Route 12
370 Luvdisc - *Mass Outbreak* Route 27
371 Bagon - Safari Zone, Swamp, Rock
372 Shelgon - Bagon, Level 30
373 Salamence - Shelgon, Level 50
374 Beldum -  Trade Forretress to Steven at Silph Co. in Saffron City
375 Metang - Beldum, Level 20
376 Metagross - Metang, Level 45
377 Regirock - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
378 Regice - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
379 Registeel - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
380 Latias - Talk to Steven after leaving Pokemon Fan Club in Vermillion City
381 Latios - Trade from SoulSilver
382 Kyogre - Embedded Tower
383 Groudon - Trade from SoulSilver
384 Rayquaza - Bring Jade to Embedded Tower
385 Jirachi - *Event Exclusive* Trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum
386 Deoxys - *Event Exclusive* Trade from Diamond/Pearl
387 Turtwig - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
388 Grotle - Tutwig, Level 18
389 Torterra - Grotle, Level 32
390 Chimchar - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
391 Monferno - Chimchar, Level 14 
392 Infernape - Monferno, Level 36
393 Piplup - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
394 Prinplup - Piplup, Level 16
395 Empoleon - Empoleon, Level 36
396 Starly - Use Headbutt in Pewter City (two trees in the fenced areas of Route 2)
397 Staravia - Starly, Level 14
398 Staraptor, Staravia, Level 34
399 Bidoof - *Sinnoh Sound* Route 4
400 Bibarel - Bidoof, Level 15
401 Kricketot - *Mass Outbreak* Viridian Forest
402 Kricketune - Kricketot, Level10
403 Shinx  - *Sinnoh Sound* National Park
404 Luxio - Shinx, Level 15
405 Luxray - Luxio, Level 30
406 Budew - *Sinnoh Sound* Ilex Forest
407 Roserade - Roselia, Shiny Stone
408 Cranidos - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
409 Rampardos - Cranidos, Level 30
410 Shieldon - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
411 Bastiodon - Shieldon, Level 30
412 Burmy - Use Headbutt in Route 38 (after using Rock Climb)
413 Wormadam - Burmy, Female, Level 20
414 Mothim - Burmy, Male, Level 20
415 Combee - Bug Catching Contest, Saturday
416 Vespiqueen - Combee, Female, Level 21
417 Pachirisu - Safari Zone, Wetland, Forest Objects
418 Buizel - *Sinnoh Sound* Route 4
419 Floatzel - Buizel, Level 26
420 Cherubi - Use Headbutt in National Park (after using Rock Climb)
421 Cherrim - Cherubi, Level 25
422 Shellos - *PokeWalker* Stormy Beach
423 Gastrodon - Shellos, Level 30
424 Ambipom - Aipom, after learning Double Hit, and Level Up
425 Drifloon - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
426 Drifblim - Drifloon, Level 28
427 Buneary - *Mass Outbreak* Route 25
428 Lopunny - Buneary, max Happiness
429 Mismagius - Misdreavus, Dusk Stone
430 Honchkrow - Murkrow, Dusk Stone
431 Glameow - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
432 Purugly - Glameow, Level 38
433 Chingling - *Sinnoh Sound* Dark Cave
434 Stunky - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
435 Skuntank - Stunky, Level 34
436 Bronzor - *Sinnoh Sound* Dark Cave
437 Bronzong - Bronzor, Level 33
438 Bonsly - Breed Sudowoodo, Female, holding Rock Incense
439 Mime Jr. - Breed Mr. Mime, hold Odd Incense
440 Happiny - Breed Chansey, Female, Holding Luck Incense
441 Chatot - *Sinnoh Sound* Bell Tower
442 Spiritomb - *PokeWalker* Quiet Cave
443 Gible - Sfari Zone, Rocky Beach, Grass and Rock Objects
444 Gabite - Gible, Level 24
445 Garchomp - Gabite, Level 48
446 Munchlax - Breed Snorlax, Full Incense
447 Riolu - Safari Zone, Meadow Area, Forest and Rock Objects
448 Lucario - Riolu, max Happiness, Day
449 Hippopotas - Safari Zone, Desert Area, Rock Objects
450 Hippowdon - Hippopotas, Level 34
451 Skorupi - Safari Zone, Wasteland, Rock
452 Drapion - Skorupi, Level 40
453 Croagunk - Safari Zone, Marshland, Forest Objects
454 Toxicroak - Croagunk, Level 37
455 Carnivine - *Sinnoh Sound* Ilex Forest
456 Finneon - *PokeWalker* Stormy Beach
457 Lumineon - Finneon, Level 31
458 Mantyke - Breed Mantine, Female, hold Wave Incense
459 Snover - *PokeWalker* Icy Mountain Rd.
460 Abomasnow - Snover, Level 40
461 Weavile - Sneasel, holding Razor Claw, Night
462 Magnezone - Magnemite, Level up inside Mount Coronet and trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
463 Lickilicky - Lickitung, Learn Rollout, Level Up
464 Rhyperior - Rhydon, hold Protector, trade
465 Tangrowth - Tangela, Learn Ancientpower, Level up
466 Electivire - Electabuzz, hold Electrizer, trade
467 Magmortar - Magmar, hold Magmarizer, trade
468 Togekiss - Togetic, Shiny Stone
469 Yanmega - Yanma, Learn Ancientpower, Level up
470 Leafeon - Eevee, Level up near Moss Rock in Eterna Forest, trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
471 Glaceon - Eevee, Level up near Ice Rock on Route 217, trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
472 Gliscor - Gligar, hold Razor Fang, Level up
473 Mamoswine - Piloswine, Learn Ancientpower, Level up
474 Porygon-Z - Porygon2, trade with Dubious Disc
475 Gallade - Kirlia, Male, Dawn Stone
476 Probopass - Nosepass, Level up inside Mount Coronet, trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
477 Dusknoir - Dusclops, trade with Reaper Cloth
478 Froslass - Snorunt, Female, Dawn Stone
479 Rotom - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
480 Uxie - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
481 Mesprit - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
482 Azelf - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
483 Dialga - trade from Diamond
484 Palkia - trade from Pearl
485 Heatran - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
486 Regigigas - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
487 Giratina - Trade from Platinum
488 Cresselia - trade from Diamon/Pearl/Platinum
489 Phione - Breed Manaphy
490 Manaphy - *Event Exclusive*
491 Darkrai - *Event Exclusive* Trade from Platinum
492 Shaymin - *Event Exclusive* Trade from Platinum
493 Arceus - *Event Exclusive* Trade from Diamond/Pearl/Platinum

After you caught all of these Pokemon, you will get a star on your Trainer Card.

Meet Professor Oak in Pallet Town and let him evaluate your National Pokedex.

And go to Celadon Condominiums to meet the Game Freak staff.

C. Win 100 victories in a row at the Battle Tower

You need some strategies to conquer the tower. Train some Pokemon for BP (Battle Points) and let the move tutors in Battle Frontier teach strong moves to your Pokemon. Or you can exchange the BP for TM (Technical Machine).

Personally, I love to battle in Battle Hall, because it is easier to get BP there (during the 50th battle, where we need to fight the Hall Matron and get 20 BP later on.). Then, you can switch to other species and survive until the 50th battle again. Repeat these for a few times.

And I think Battle Factory is the easiest to get high amount of BP. But you need to have high knowledge of Pokemon species, type, abilities and their moves. This is because you cannot use your own Pokemon, but you will rent Pokemon from the Pokemon Factory.

Okay. Let's start with the Battle Tower. The rule is you need to survive through seven trainers (your Pokemon will be healed every end of the battle). You can bring your favourite three Pokemon. Once you lost, the counter will reset and you need to repeat it again until 100th row.

1. Use Pokemon with high speed. You also can use Quick Claw if you want.
2. Use many type of moves.
3 Try to minimise your weaknesses. For Electric Pokemon, you can use Magnet Rise.
4. Attack with special conditions - Sleep, Burned, Frozen, Paralyzed, Poisoned

Start your first 7 battles. And continue again for another 7 battles.

During your 21st battle, you will face the Tower Tycoon Palmer.
He will use Milotic, Rhyperior and Dragonite.
You can bring these Pokemon if you like:
Ludicolo/ Abomasnow/ Breloom/ Torterra/ Dewgong/ Cloyster/ Lapras/ Walrein/ Poliwrath/ Quagsire/ Swampert/ Whiscash/ Gastrodon/ Empoleon/ Mamoswine/ Lucario/ Steelix

For your 49th match, Palmer will use Heatran, Regigigas and ?????
You can use these Pokemon:
Quagsire/ Swampert/ Whiscash/ Gastrodon/Poliwrath

I always use my Venusaur, Typhlosion and Swampert for any Battle Frontier facilities.
Beat the the Battle Tower until the 100th times in a row, and you will upgraed your Trainer Card later on.

D. Open the Friendship Room at the Pokeathlon Dome

Basicallly, you need to win in most of the Pokeathlon events.

There are 4 rooms in the Pokeathlon Dome:
1. Solidarity Room
2. Trust Room
3. Potential Room
4. Friendship Room.

You need to unlock these rooms in sequence.

Solidarity Room
- Available from the start

Trust Room
- Medal in all courses (Get number one in every courses)

My records:

1.Speed Medal - 444 points - Rapidash, Furret, Voltorb
2. Power Medal - 462 points - Growlithe, Pineco, Stantler
3. Skill Medal - 411 points - Persian, Sandslash, Meganium
4. Stamina Medal - 413 points - Typhlosion, Miltank, Shuckle
5. Speed Medal - 407 points - Butterfree, Fearow, Gligar

Potential Room
 - Medal in all courses with one Pokemon (A medalist Pokemon,)

My first medalist Pokemon is my Typhlosion.

Friendship Room
Set a new record in every event

Hurdle Dash - 84.7 second, 135 Total - Rapidash, Furret, Voltorb
Pennant Capture - 36 Flags, 108 Total - Voltorb, Raticate, Furret
Circle Push - 58 Points, 174 Total - Growlithe, Pineco, Stantler
Block Smash -  100 pieces, 100 total - Tyranitar, Aggron, Cranidos
Disc Catch -  79 points, 133 total - Butterfree, Fearow, Gligar
Lamp Jump - 451 points, 128 Total - Butterfree, Fearow, Gligar
Relay Run - 15.7 seconds, 157 Total - Rapidash Voltorb, Furret
Ring Drop -  100 points, 150 Total - Typhlosion, Miltank, Shuckle
Snow Throw -  41 Hits, 123 Total - Persian, Sandslash, Meganium
Goal Roll - 10 points, 150 Total - Persian, Sandslash, Meganium

In my friendship, I have the statues of Ethan, Wobbuffet, Snorlax and Chimchar.
I use them for Power Course recently.

E Get your first crown on one of your Pokemon.

To get a crown, you need 5 Shiny Leaves. You can get one when you walk on tall grass and talk to your Pokemon. Please remember that you need high friendship with your Pokemon to get it. Once you collect all five, talk to Lyra/Ethan in New Bark Town. She/He will give you the crown.

For Adamant, Hardy, Bold and Brave Nature
Route 42
Route 37
Route 22 or Route 46
Route 15
Route 9 or Route 24

For Rash, Mild, Quirky, and Hasty Nature
Route 44
Route 39
Route 26
Route 18
Route 11

For Timid, Lonely and Bashful Nature
Route 43
Route 38
Route 27
Route 16
Route 10 and Route 25

For Calm, Gentle, Lax and Relaxed
Route 32
Route 35 or Route 48
Route 2 or Route 28
Route 4
Route 6

For Careful, Docile, Modest, Serious and Quiet
Route 33
Route 36
Route 45
Route 7
Route 8, Route 13, and Route 14

For Sassy, Naive, Naughty, Jolly, and Impish
Route 31
Route 34 or Route 47
Route 1
Route 3
Route 5

And you will get a Black Card after all of these. That's all.

So, I'm officially stop playing Pokemon HeartGold for now.
(I might playing it again someday)
This is actually one of my to-do list or wishlist or resolution for the year 2014.
That's why I put lots of effort playing this game and spending lots of time on these.

I played Pokemon Gold when I was 12 years old or so.
That was in 2002.
Pokemon is like a memory of my childhood, and Im still playing Pokemon games until now.
And I'm sure there are lots of other 'inner Pokemon Trainers' out there which is about the same age with me.

My name, Nat Cure, is derived from the abilities of Celebi, (Natural Cure).
Celebi is always my favourite Pokemon.

My next target:
Pokemon Platinum
(I've played it before, but I want to replay it from beginning to upgrade my Trainer Card.)

Until then, see ya.

~Natural Cure~

September 17 2014, 1.01 am

Entri yang lepas, saya ada tulis tentang Germany atau negara Jerman.
And they're so proud with their German (bahasa Jerman).

Tiba-tiba saya terfikir tentang satu soalan.
"What is that first German word that you can remember, which you can relate to yourself?"

Saya bantai gelak sorang-sorang.
Jawapan saya:

"German measles"

Okay la tu. Ada la bunyi German-ish kat situ. Hahaha.

German measles ni lebih popular dengan nama rubella.
(Sebutan measles ni macam bunyi Mizz-Ell)
Macam demam campak, tapi tahap bahaya dia tak seteruk demam campak.
Ada bintik-bintik merah kat muka, dan perlahan-lahan turun ke kaki.
Lepas dua minggu, dia hilang sendiri.

Saya pun tak tahu mana datangnya penyakit ni, tiba-tiba dah berjangkit.
Waktu tu, masuk study week semester keenam.
Saya ada presentation untuk subjek Picom (Principle of Communication)
Habis satu badan kena sarung macam nangka.
Tangan pun pakai glove/mitten masa main ice skating kat Sunway Pyramid dulu.
Mulut pun kena cover dengan penutup.
Saya malas nak ambik MC, tu yang gagahkan jugak buat presentation.

Alhamdulillah, setakat yang saya tahu, takde siapa terjangkit sebab saya.
Memang tak seronok la kalau dah dapat penyakit ni.
Terpaksa mengasingkan diri dari orang lain.
Doktor ada bagi losyen calamine. Dan ubat-ubat lain.

But, look at the bright side, I learned a new German word. Heh.


~Natural Cure~

September 16 2014, 12.55 am

Hari ni saya nak berkongsi beberapa perkara penting tentang duit.
Lepas beberapa peristiwa yang berlaku baru-baru ni, saya tergerak untuk berkongsi tentang isu ni.

Cuba tengok kad ATM kita yang dalam dompet tu.
Cari nombor telefon customer service atau khidmat pelanggan.
Salin nombor tu dan letak dalam handphone.
Kalau ada anak-anak atau suami atau isteri, mintak diorang simpankan sekali nombor tu.

Kalaulah satu masa nanti ada orang curi dompet kita, cepat-cepat call nombor tu.
Kemudian mintak diorang block kad ATM tu.
Sebabnya, takut pencuri tu sempat ambik duit kita dalam bank.
Saya percaya kes ni kerap berlaku.
Soal macam mana pencuri tu dapat nombor pin kad ATM tu, saya tak tahu.

Selain kes kecurian, kalau ada apa-apa masalah tentang duit dalam bank, call je customer service ni.
Biasanya diorang ni 24 jam.

Satu lagi kisah pelik yang berlaku kat seluruh Malaysia.
Kalau kat masjid atau surau, biasanya mesti ada tabung, kan?
Orang yang simpan hasil derma tu biasanya jumpa duit RM50 (atau lebih) yang bergulung dalam RM1.
Mungkin kita akan kata dia nak derma RM50, tapi tak nak orang tahu.
So, dia gulung RM50 dalam RM1.
Cerita lain yang saya dengar, ini sebenarnya salah satu kaedah nak 'sedut' duit masjid.
Diorang ni pakai benda halus la agaknya. Wallahualam.

Ada jugak kes guna mata je nak pukau orang.
Yang ni pun popular sebenarnya.
Bagi yang pernah kerja kat kaunter mungkin lebih berpengalaman la.
Daripada pandangan mata je, yang kena pukau terus tak ingat apa-apa.
Tahu-tahu je duit dah lesap.
Even Nabi Muammad s.a.w. pernah sebut tentang kewujudan sihir mata, atau 'Ain'.

Tujuan saya utarakan cerita ni, sebenarnya takde kaitan la dengan saya.
Setakat ni, saya tak pernah hilang kad ATM ataupun kena pukau.
Cuma ni jadi satu pesanan la untuk kita semua.

~Natural Cure~

September 11 2014, 10.37 pm

I think, everyone deserves the truth.

Firstly, I want to apologies to these people:

1. Zufar
2. Shah
3. Amin
4. Yana
5. Suhaila
6. Aimi

because I didn't reply any of their messages since my disappearance for almost a year.
And everyone keeps asking me the same question.
 - Dah macam CIA mencari Jason Bourne je gayanya.
Anyway, thank you for trying to reach me.
I do appreciate them.

So here's the truth.

Kepada yang dah banyak kali tanya, saya tengah nak buat apa sekarang ni,
Ni jawapan saya.

1. Tengah belajar bahasa Jerman. Belajar dari buku, video, and maybe masuk kelas kat Goethe-Institut. Sebab nak dapatkan German language proficiency certificate. Kena ambik exam diorang yang dipanggil TestDaF. Macam MUET la agaknya kat Malaysia ni. Mungkin akan ambil TOEFL sekali. Tengoklah macam mana nanti.

2. Kumpul duit. Lebih kurang 15 816 euro. (sama dengan RM 65 313.79). Mintak pengesahan banyak pihak, dan bukak akaun kat Germany.

3. Buat permohonan dan tunggu surat kemasukan kat universiti kat Germany. Tapi tak decide lagi nak ambik bidang apa. Maybe Mechanical engineering. Electrical engineering pun ok je sebenarnya.

4. Buat Visa. Lepas tu fly ke Germany. Sambung Master. Most probably in Master in Science (M.Sc.), bukan Master in Engineering (M. Eng.) sebab M.Sc boleh sambung Ph.D.

(Pada masa yang sama jugak saya tengah belajar bahasa Perancis, Jepun, Korea. Tapi jangan mengharap sangat la saya pandai cakap bahasa-bahasa ni. Tengah merangkak lagi.)

Benda ni, bukan jadi jadi dalam satu malam.
Ambik masa la jugak semua ni. Saya target dalam 5 tahun.

Banyak gila duit 'terbuang'... Tak rasa rugi ke?
Saya pernah pegang duit lagi banyak daripada ni.
Dan saya lebih faham sangat apa maksud 'terbuang'.
Bagi saya, ini bukan pembaziran, tapi pelaburan.
Kalau buat kenduri guna duit ni, atau shopping handbag atau kasut, atau modify kereta,
- ini baru membazir namanya. Kehendak melebihi keperluan.

Tak rasa menununjuk-nunjuk ke?
I think, istilah menunjuk-nunjuk tak sepatutnya ada.
We,as a Muslim, kenalah tunjuk yang kita ni boleh berdiri sama tinggi dengan diorang.
We have our own class. Cuba ingat balik apa yang berlaku sebelum Renaissance.
Di mana kedudukan Islam waktu. Dan apa yang berlaku kepada umat Islam hari ni.
Lepas grad sibuk melancong. Lepas tu kahwin. Beranak-beranak dan beranak.
Tak nak sambung Master atas dasar komitmen kerja dan keluarga.
Where's the thrill? Where's the spirit?
Kenapa semangat nak mencabar dunia tu hilang?

Cuba lihat kat mana Fynn Jamal hari ni.
Dia kat sana atas pilihan dia sendiri.
Saya memang respect gila dengan beliau.
Itulah kuasa minoriti. Diorang ni lebih berani untuk menjerit.

Sebab tu, saya pilih jalan yang tak berapa mainstream ni.
Indeed, there are lots of things I need to sacrifice.
But I'm ready.

Nabi Muhammad s.a.w. pernah bersabda (yang maksudnya):
"Barangsiapa yang menempuh suatu jalan untuk mencari ilmu pengetahuan, maka Allah akan mempermudahkan baginya jalan menuju ke syurga."

(Muslim, Abu Daud, Turmizi dan lain-lain)

Kenapa nak pergi Germany? Sebab kat situ la lahirnya ramai jurutera bertaraf dunia. Ada la jugak cita-cita nak kerja kat sana, dan buat part-time for PhD. (kalau ada peluang.). Even balik sini pun takpe. Boleh curahkan ilmu kat generasi yang lebih muda. I'm always a Malaysian in my heart.

Antara nama orang-orang hebat tu ialah Bacharuddin Jusuf Habibie, atau lebiih dikenali sebagai B.J. Habibie, Presiden Indonesia ketiga. Seorang jurutera aeroangkasa yang berjaya mencipta kapal terbang buatan rakyat Indonesia sendiri. Sebab ada orang macam beliau la.industri penerbangan kat Indonesia lebih maju sebenarnya daripada di Malaysia. Boleh tonton filem 'Habibie dan Ainun' kalau nak lebih kenal siapa beliau.

Satu lagi nama yang saya boleh bagi ialah Wan Nazri Wan Aria. Beliau la 'kickstart' yang buat saya rasa tergerak untuk ke Germany. Royal Clock Tower kat Mekah tu antara hasil usaha beliau. Boleh baca banyak lagi la kat Internet.

And lastly, arwah ayah sendiri. Pernah satu ketika, ayah saya diberhentikan kerja sebab ekonomi syarikat tak stabil. Selepas beberapa bulan menganggur, ayah saya dipanggil oleh kawan beliau untuk bekerja bersama beliau. Seminggu lepas mula bekerja, ayah saya diterbangkan ke Germany untuk training pasal mesin. Walaupun pekerja baru, majikan percaya kat beliau sebab diorang tahu ayah saya ada pengetahuan mendalam tentang mesin. Bila balik, arwah abah selalu cerita pengalaman beliau kat Germany, and his own Eurotrip. Saya nak jadi macam ayah saya.

Even kalau tak dapat fly pun, saya tak kisah. At least saya dah cuba untuk ke sana. Kat Malaysia pun banyak je universiti yang offer sambung belajar. Saya sekadar teringin nak tukar selera. Kat Germany ada musim bunga, musim panas, musim luruh dan musim sejuk. Kat Malaysia ada musim tengkujuh, musim durian, dan musim rambutan. Hahaha.

And I hope these will answer all of your questions.
Thank you.

Ich liebi dich. (kikiki)

~Natural Cure~

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