24 March 2013, 10.39 pm

There'll be THREE tests (yes, three) this week for three consecutive days - starting from Tuesday.
So I don't think I'll update this blog for a moment.
(For the sake of the test. Haha)

For the first two papers, I think I can handle them, 'cuz i've started my revision since last four weeks.
(I always study four weeks earlier before test. I know I'm weird.)
The third paper, I think, the toughest for this semester. (insyaAllah my final semester)
Newton-Rhapson. Gauss-Seidel. Just like Numerical method, but it is a subject for Electrical Power.

Anyway, good luck for those taking the tests and exam.
And congratulations for those who scored for SPM and STPM.
For those who don't, just remember that written exam grades are just tiny little pieces of our life.
And nobody bothers after few years later.

SPM, STPM and other exams are just what we did few months ago.
It is today that matters, which reflects your true self.

May Allah bless.


19 January 2013, 6.21 pm

seeking forgiveness is never an overridden
as He wants us to read and learn
that nothing's late before the point of no return

from Him that I came
to Him I will be returned

18th March 2013, 12.37 am

Anyone can love a rose
but it takes a great deal to love a leaf
It's ordinary to love the beautiful
but it is beautiful to love the ordinary

I stumbled across these words minutes ago
thinking how 'common people' around us

and yes, they are truly extraordinary.

17 March 2013, 11.31 pm

Once upon a time,
a little boy said,
"Tamau pergi asrama!"
"Isi je dulu borang tu. Tak nak pergi pun takpe"
"Isi je."
"T A K N A K!!"

13th March 2013, 12.34 am

There's something 'bind' us in our everyday life.
Something that connects all of us.
It feels like the wind.
We can't see it, but we can feel it.
We know it's always there.
It seems hazy and fuzzy with the naked eyes.
But it becomes crystal clear when we "see" with our heart.

6th of March 2013, 11.09 am

Everyone sees what you appear to be, few really knows what you are.
- Machiavelli

I was totally shocked. Speechless at the same time.
The person that I knew for years now becomes a stranger that I never knew.
She's smiling all this time and laugh whenever I made silly jokes.
And who knows, beneath that smile, she hides her tears.

The burden that her family bears is more than I ever imagine.

I stare at the window for hours, thinking about her fate on the next few days.
What will happen to them?
This thing revolves around my mind from time to time, and I lose my focus to whatever I do.

Why I never knew about this before?

Once we open our heart to the one closest to us, we can see them from different angle and dimension.
A circle is now a sphere.
A square turns to a cube.
A plan Jane becomes iridescent.

Behind every story written
there's a backstory hidden

2 Mac 2013, 12.24 am

sekiranya kita
berani bermimpi
kita juga harus
berani mengejarnya


1st of March 2013, 11.33pm

Tengah selsema!!  <--- Nat Cure
Ni kes banyak menangis la ni. Haish... <--- Takde kaitan langsng

Balik je solat Jumaat tadi, terus punggah segala macam khazanah dalam bagasi hiam beroda yang selalu bawak pi airport tu.

"Tinggal lima bijik je? Yang ni ubat apa pulak?"

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