2 Mac 2013, 12.24 am

sekiranya kita
berani bermimpi
kita juga harus
berani mengejarnya


During my school days, I always dream of becoming a teacher. Err, WHAT?


"'Because I don't have CITA-CITA!"

Maybe I was inspired by my teachers during the past.
The knowledge that we got today should be spread to the next generations.
Or even for this generation.
The thing is, I have no confidence.

A teacher (or a lecturer) should have confidence to speak to the whole class.
And they need to have eye contact with their students.

I can't do those things.

In the high school, I wanna be an engineer.
Inspired by videogames, I think. Heh.

bbut the course is quite tough.
Although I excelled in SPM, engineering is something different.

But, this is what I want since my earlier days.
There's no point in turning back to where we begins.
So I just keep walking forward and never turn back.
Terkilan? Agaklah jugak. Nak ikutkan hati, baik ambik sains fizik je.
Jauh lebih senang.

Actually, I have one cita-cita since my matriculation days, other than engineering.
It becomes stronger and getting bigger when I enter the university.
Something I hid to most people.

I wanna be a writer. Or an author.

"Why not?"


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