March 25 2019, 7.42 am

My mum and I went to the PTPTN office last Friday to settle ALL of my debt. But they won't take cash anymore, plus no more rebate or discount. (It was stated clearly in the parliament during 2019 Budget.) So, we went to the bank, deposit the money into my account, then returned home and I transferred the money. And currently waiting for their statement.

And I'm officially finish paying for my study loan. Maybe I'm just a litttle bit lucky to have a mum that is willing to pay all of my sibling's study loan. ( I have no idea how much money that she has).

Thank you, mama.

The only loan that I need to pay is my car loan.

March 18 2019, 7.42 am

So I went to the National Mosque last Friday. I've been living in Selangor for 29 years and this is the first time I went there.

I have some business at Putra, then stop here for about an hour. Coincidentally, it's the same day that the Christchurch incident happens.

March 11 2019, 7.40 am

The project will start this week (I think). After signing the contract and make few percent of the total payment.

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