October 11 2018, 9.06 pm

Rosalie and Other Love Songs
Chapter 1: Once Upon a Time
by Saidah Rastam

Malayan music is just like our Malaysian food, which is the fusion of many cultures. This can be seen from two of the most influential sources of music at that time - Malay cinema and Radio Malaya/Malaysia.

Jimmy Boyle, a composer, where his father is an Irish and his mother is Dutch Indonesian.
P. Ramlee , his father was from Acheh.
Alfonso Soliano, the first leader of Orkes Radio Malaya, was  Filipino.
Saiful Bahri, a composer of patriotic songs and state anthems of Selangor and Malacca was from Sumatra.
Military band music was based on British orchestra.
Malay film songs were influenced by Latin rhythms, such as samba and rumba.
Malaysia’s national radio orchestra repertoire was based on jazz from America.
Keroncong comes from Java and Portuguese.
1940s records sounds like music of European.
And Malay traditional musics five rhythm are from all over the world.

And this is where the story of our national anthem begins.

October 8 2018, 8.51 pm

It was years ago after I've read an English local newspaper about a talk that will be held in Bangsar (I think). It was about the history our national anthem, "Negaraku".

What sparks my interest is that there will be a free book given to each of the audience.
The title is "Rosalie and Other Love Songs".

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