July 31 2018, 9.25 pm

I'm officially a fan of 'Gilmore Girls'. And I wished I'd followed this series much earlier - since my primary school.

June 30 2018, 9.03 pm

kredit: Qalam_story

It was our first first time buat rumah terbuka kat rumah ni. (In fact,it was my first time experiencing open house as tuan rumah).

May 29 2018, 12.06 pm

That moment, when our all time favorite hero since we were young is getting a new form.

And I was like "WHOA!"

April 30 2018, 8.08 pm

I got a chance to visit the observatory at Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson previously.

March 31 2018, 6.40 am

So currently I'm in Teluk Kemang, Port Dickson. My family and I are having our second family vacation.

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