September 16 2018, 11.12 am

Being a "different" kind of kid, sometimes it burdens me.
We carry a lot of of everyone's expectations, hoping that one day we'll become "something".
A prodigy.

August 31 2018, 9.52 pm

Dah lama tak jalan-jalan kat luar waktu malam. And it's the first time I went to Eco Ardence.

Eco Ardence ni dekat je dengan tol Setia Alam. Dari rumah saya menghala ke tol, tapi sebelum tol buat U-Turn dan ambil lorong kiri. Tak sampai 10 minit dari rumah (kalau tol tu tak jammed.)

July 31 2018, 9.25 pm

I'm officially a fan of 'Gilmore Girls'. And I wished I'd followed this series much earlier - since my primary school.

June 30 2018, 9.03 pm

kredit: Qalam_story

It was our first first time buat rumah terbuka kat rumah ni. (In fact,it was my first time experiencing open house as tuan rumah).

May 29 2018, 12.06 pm

That moment, when our all time favorite hero since we were young is getting a new form.

And I was like "WHOA!"

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