13th March 2013, 12.34 am

There's something 'bind' us in our everyday life.
Something that connects all of us.
It feels like the wind.
We can't see it, but we can feel it.
We know it's always there.
It seems hazy and fuzzy with the naked eyes.
But it becomes crystal clear when we "see" with our heart.

We comes different walk of life.
Yet, people tend to mingle together.
Get to know each other.
Regardless of our race, faith, religion and beliefs.

We come from the same ancestor.
Adam dan Hawa. Adam and Eve.
But every six billion people is totally different person.

Naluri. Fitrah.
I don't know what's the right word.
But we do love each other, ain't it?

Praise to Allah.
Spreading the love to the mankind
and the whole universe.

final notes:
- I'm not talking about naluri berpasangan walaupun terkena tempias sindrom tahun akhir.
- feels lucky to be born and raised atas Bumi bawah langit-Nya.
- we do share the atoms and elements that made up this world, but we're the only living things on Earth. Between human, animals and plants, we are the only one destined to "govern" the whole world. It's a burden, tapi Allah tak bebankan seseorang dengan bebanan yang tak mampu mereka pikul. Even setiap kerja kita pun boleh jadi ibadah. Dunia ni ladang.
- rasa seronok sangat tulis dalam English walaupun banyak grammatical error.

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