25 February 2013, 12.50 am

You can't start
the next chapter
of your life
if you keep
the last one.

Don't rush into anything unless it feels right.
Sometimes it is best to let it go and take some time to let the path clear up.
It may take a minute, a day, a week, a month or a year.
It doesn't matter.
Sometimes the path is to hang on where you are for a little while before moving to a new direction.


I remained silent for weeks.
Hiding from everyone.

It's been a month.
And it may took years.

But I'm still waiting.

Because I always believe
He knows best.

*Let's go to the next chapter and no more mayat hidup scene from now on, okay?*


Allah always has three replies
to our replies.
or yes but not now
or I have a better plan for you.

Kadang-kadang kita tak dapat apa yang kita nak sebab Allah ada perancangan yang lebih baik untuk kita. We just don't know what's in store for us.

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