6th of February 2013, 6.20 pm

Always remember that
just because you have
feelings for someone
doesn't mean he or she
is obligated to feel the same

We don't need to rush.
If something bound to happen,
it will happen.
In the right time,
with the right person,
and for the best reason.

If you desire Allah swt
to be persistent in
granting you the
thing you love,
be persistent in
doing in the things
He loves.
~Imam Ahmad Ibn Hanbal~

Ya Allah
Jika dia benar untukku
Dekatkanlah hatinya dengan hatiku
Jika dia bukan milikku
Damailkanlah hatiku
Dengan ketentuan-Mu
~Permata Yang Dicari by Dehearty~

Hati tu Allah yang pegang.


Perform Istikharah dik may Allah shown the best for you.

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