Wow.. I haven't updated my blog for about a week (or more)..

Anyway, I wanna try with a different approach - using English!

Yeah, I know, English is not my tongue, but this may become my first step to improve it.
Well, nobody is perfect, right? Simply ignore the grammatical error, and I will try to improve it as the time passes by..

I try to search a few good books using PSZ (Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah) portal this morning. (Using the online book catalogue)
And I found the blog of PSZ. It's in English.
There's an entry there, regarding Top Ways To Improve Your English.
This is the link.
And the first step is Start Your Own English Language Blog..

I went to PSZ in the afternoon, to get some good reference books.

And I got a library map from the staff - (I'm lost, okay?)
Then I walk explore every floor of the library.
The floors which I NEVER come.
This is something new. Why?
Because I didn't know PSZ has five floors.
Haha.. I 'm so lazy to go to the library..
After one year, I started to know more about PSZ..

There's also a special room for novels - in English and Malay.
Very quiet..

There's also a special side for the maps of the world.
Ranging from small to large scale maps.

And a huge area of "internet" floor.
But I saw that students open the Facebook all the time.

Maybe I'll go there again next week or so..
It's a good place to study (and chatting + facebooking), you know..

Until then, see ya..

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