November 2 2017, 8.54 pm

These are some images of halo that I took in the afternoon today.

October 21 2017, 3.55 pm

Just a short update for this month. Quite busy these days because of a project. I will reveal it in the future.


September 4 2017, 11.00 pm

Yesterday was my first time that I arrived Genting Highlands, and my family and I went to the new Premium Outlets. It's foggy everywhere (literally).

And these are some pictures that I took. And sorry, I forgot to take the pictures of the outlets. Haha.

August 20 2017, 3.13 pm

Mengisahkan tentang Lynn, Grace, Pat dan Bank yang terlibat dalam satu konspirasi untuk membocorkan jawapan kepada pelajar-pelajar di Thailand.

July 30 2017, 11.38 am

Makin lama makin tak update blog ni. Haha.

So, mari bukak diari dan baca balik apa yang saya tulis untuk bulan ni.

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