August 1 2015, 8.20 pm

IMO, this the best trailer after Mercedes Legends.

I've started playing Maplestory SEA (South East Asia) since 2005, and my favourite class is Bowman.
There was no 4th job advanceent at that time, there's still no Pirate.
Even the 'Explorers' term does not exist yet.
It was the best Maplestory experience ever.

Then I stopped playing for years, and started to play it again after I finished my studies in 2013.

Nowadays, we have Explorers, Cygnus Knights, Heroes, Resistance, Nova, Sengoku and many more.
And for the Black Heaven patch, the Resistance class is revamped (just like RED for Explorers and Cygnus Returns for Cygnus Knights.) and we can receive more deadly, supreme skills.

Maplestory is actually the first MMORPG that I play before I tried any other titles.

Happy Mapling!


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