3 August 2014, 10.18

“It’s time for reinforcements”


“Recognize one of your knights”


“The legend exists.”



“You’ve gotta be kidding me”

“Legendary warriors! The power that created us, now want us all extinguished. We must join forces,
or else you’d rather to be their slave. So today you stand with us, or you stand against me!”

*Grimlock screams and attack Optimus*

“No wonder Prime figure this one out.”
“Very wise”
“There’s no freaking way I’m staying down there with him. No way. NO way.”

“Only together can we survive. Let me lead you”

*Grimlock transform, and breaths out fire*

“Oh no.. I was expecting a giant car.”

“We’re giving you freedom, TOGETHER!”

*Optimus defeats Grimlock*

“You defend my family, or die.”

*Optimus rides Grimlock*

“Autobots, we’re gonna prove who we are, and why we are here.”

“He just wanted to die for the nigh. That’s leadership.  Or brainwashing or something.”
“No. That’s Optimus Prime.”

“Autobots, we charge together! Now, roll out!”


After seeing the trailer, I thought that the Dinobots are the main villain of the movie. Dinobots are actually a sub-group of the Autobots (like the Combiners, Mini-Cons, etc.)

That moment, when Optimus cut through some barriers in Lockdown's ship, and "the leader" appears for the first time on screen in that cinema, my little brother scream out loud "GRIMLOCK!!!!".

And when the Dinobots stood besides Optimus, they're extremely huge. And I didn't expect that both Optimus and Grimlock are going to have a fight. And I think this is the most awaited scene in the whole movie.

FYI, Dinobots are at their best offense (and extremely high speed) when they're in Dinosaur mode, and not their default robot mode (which is contradict with other Autobots and Dcepticons).

Although this movie is totally underrated, and might be the worst Transformers live-action movie ever, I think I love this one more than original trilogy.

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