August 31 2014, 3.45 pm

So I've watched Lucy yesterday. And this is my fourth time coming to the Setia City Mall Golden Screen Cinema (five minutes from my home) after RoboCop, X-Men: Days of Future Past and Transformers: Age of Extinction with my siblings.

As always, the first fifteen minutes is just long advertisements. But for this time, there's something different about the 'advertisement'. There's a note on the large screen (more like an order) for us to stood up, because we're going to sing our national Anthem, Negaraku (My Country). My elder brother said, "SERIOUSY?". And I just smiling, because I don't think no one will ever stood up.

Then I take a glance in my back. Everyone is standing. Wow. My brothers, sister and I quickly stand (while crunching the popcorn in my mouth). And when the song started, I got a goosebumps. I almost forgot the feeling of singing our national anthem together, while we stood up with everyone else. I think the last I did this was during my convocation day in October last year. I can feel the vibration of the hall resonating from one person to another. Maybe because it's quite seldom for us to sing it together, which makes it kinda special. And I never did the same thing again, until yesterday.

The pride. The spirit.
And true, this is Negaraku.
Our Negaraku.

Happy 57th Independence Day, Malaysia.

~Natural Cure~

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