August 19 2014, 2.56 am

After spending 396 hours and 1 minute, I’ve finished Johto Pokedex in HeartGold. I never made it in the original Gold during the GameBoy Color era.

It’s like I’m playing the videogame for 15 days, 12 hours and 1 minute consecutively.

And for the evaluation, this is what Prof. Oak said:

It's the same dialogue of you meet him in person in Pallet Town.

So, the next destination is Celadon City. Go to the Celadon Condominiums, and head to the third floor.

Talk to this person.

By the way, the default name for the hero is Ethan and the heroine is Lyra.
Nat is just my nickname for the game.

I started with my Cyndaquil, and the last to fill the Johto Pokedex is my Umbreon.

I will inform if I manage to fill the National Pokedex.

Adventure Started:   Feb. 16 2013.
Hall of Fame:           Dec 25 2013
Johto Pokedex:        Aug. 19 2014 

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