2nd July 2013, 9.32 pm

Maybe if we met each other under a different sky
Maybe then things would be much better between you and I

Just a short blog post.
Tulis berkajang-kajang pun bukannya ada orang nak baca, kan?
Just to fill up all the empty spaces, takut satu masa nanti blog ni bertukar sepi.


And to those yang tinggalkan comment kat mana-mana post, I did read all of that.
Same goes to anyone that left the messages and link in the shoutbox.
Dan mohon maaf sebab tak reply. Bukan malas, tapi rasanya takde apa pun yang perlu dibalas.
But I do appreciate all the words you typed. Tak sangka pulak ada orang nak baca blog ni.
Semuanya sebab Hlovate la ni. Haha.

I think that's all for a moment.
So, thank you for reading this blog.




Sbb awak baca komen kn so still nak komen jgk.
Are you a Sarawakian? But i dont think so. But pls reply as a confirmation of yes/no.

Thanks hv a nice day ! Jzk Allah.



I never been to Sarawak before, and I have no relative there. So, I'm not a Sarawakian. Just an ordinary Malaysian.

And I'm not truly a Malay, because I have Chinese trait in my blood. My grandmother is pure Chinese. And acording to Perlembagaan, I'm Malay. So, I'm a bumiputera.

And bumiputera in Peninsular means "Malay/Orang Asli". It has different definitions with 'bumiputera' in Sabah and Sarawak. Simply Google them.

You're welcome. Have a nice day too.

And sorry for didn't reply to your previous comment, because I don't want to reveal much about me.

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