22 Mac 2012
2.21 pm

Sometimes (and ‘somehow’) fate is so funny that we tends to forgot to laugh.

Because unexpected things always happen in our real life situation.

The least expected person we want to meet today suddenly descend from the blue sky, out of nowhere.

And the person that keep laughing by our side might be gone forever in just a few seconds.

Peolple come. People go.

And the life of this world is just a transient shade.

“Life is a passage, a station after which there is going to be a definite departure, then a reckoning and recompense.”
~ Abdul Malik Al-Qasim

And everything will keep in motion throughout the time, and for most of us, we regretted on whatever we did in the past.

One may smile today. And that’s probably the last time we see them

“Live the moment. Cherish the present. Anticipate the future. Frame the yesteryear.”
~ Contengan Jalanan, Hlovate.

Haha. I'm just rambling here and there.
I'm trying use English as much as possible, 'cause I love English.
I wrote all this stuff in my notebook/draftbook, then transfer them into this blog.

And I wrote a story, too.
It 'sleeps and remain hidden' in my book for a long time.
Still it's in draft mode, and not ready to be published, yet.
InsyaAllah I will post it here someday.

Author wannabe, eh?

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