March 24 2020, 8.09 pm

I've been playing this game since 1st of July 2018. This is the original GameCube version, and I've been playing using the Dolphin emulator.

And today, 24th of March 2020,  I'm officially received the monument or statue in front of the train station. Woohoo!

This monument is like a trophy given to the player when they're completely paying off their debt.

The game starts with the player is looking for a new place to stay, and Tom Nook the shop owner gives the player a house - and the player needs to pay the debt. It's totally optional whether you want to pay it or not. If you've paying the debt, Tom Nook will upgrade our house, and it will become bigger and we can put more stuff. And you will get a new debt.

We'll need to catch insects, pick up some fruits, fishing at the waterfall, river or the sea and pick up whatever things on the ground and sell them to Tom Nook to get Bells (the in-game currency). And we can use the money to pay the debt at the post office.

This process will be repeated a few times, from small house to bigger house, then a new upper floor, and lastly the basement.

And no more debt after that.

Tom Nook will put the statue in front of the train station.

It took 633 days to get that statue.
Which means I don't really have nothing to chase anymore in that game.

So, this is official goodbye to my fellow villagers.
I'll stop playing this game for now and focus on another projects.

Farewell, everyone!

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