January 4 2015, 8.47 am

It's 2015. Dan saya percaya hampir setiap ceruk dunia ni ada tulis atas kertas dan papan putih (atau paling kurang pun sekadar lintasan hati) tentang azam atau resolusi untuk tahun ni. Contohnya macam "Tahun ni saya nak puasa penuh" (heh), "Tahun ni saya nak berhenti merokok", "Tahun ni nak beli kereta", etc. Senang cerita, semua orang ada ultimate goal masing-masing untuk tahun ni. Dan biasanya, awal bulan Februari pun dah give up dengan resolusi tu. Haha.

But it'll be different case with me. I do have some targets for 2015, but it won't stop there. That's because it'll be extended until 2020. That is, five years from now. I do admit that it might take a longer time because I need to make some preparations before I'm truly prepared.

If you follow this blog for months before, I've stated that I wanna get out of my own comfort zone, because I believe that we, human, are are afraid of changes. We tend to stick at one place for along time, and turn on the air-conditioner at full blast, eating muffins and drink tea from the stewardess and listen to our favorite MP3s from the smartphones while watching the land and sea beyond the window of the plane. But once there's some vibration, turbulence or micro burst, we'll start to panic and scream loudly. We might survive from incident, but in the end, we'll never take that flight anymore. We're getting weaker for each passing day.

We're afraid to look at the other side of the world, because we're afraid of changes.

And that's my plan for the next 5 years. To explore the new horizons.

So, my ultimate goal is to further my study in Germany. Indeed, there's plenty of local universities that offer places for the students. I just want to challenge myself, and break the limit. And I believe that I'l become stronger in the future.

In the meantime, I have achieved  2 of 6 goals, and they are as listed below.
A. Health Insurance Certificate - CHECKED (November 2013)
B. Proof of Financial Resources
C. Academic Certificates - CHECKED (October 2013)
D. German Language Proficiency Certificate
E. Notification of Admission from German University
F. Student Visa

So, basically, I need to collect more money (about RM65k++), taking the test for the German language certificate (speaking, listening, writing, reading in GERMAN), fill in the form from the uiversity (and wait for them to reply) and applying student visa (which can be applied after I've finished all of these documents).

The main reason why I'm doing this, is because I'm too afraid to dream when I was a little bit younger.I was a timid little child and afraid of a lot of things But once I finished my studies, I can see all the things that I've missed, and I really really hope that I can turn back the time and start to dream.

The past is what we should leave behind. The futute is what we should grab.

To all of my readers, please, don''t be afraid to dream. We're still young, we should find our inner strength . And make sure that once you're getting older, yo'll never say "I wish I have done that beforewhen I was younger"

~Natural Cure~.

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