December 24 2014, 5.53 pm

There was a time when I'm totally out of choice. So I simply lock the door and and sat in a corner. And stay silent for months. Waiting, waiting, and waiting. No answers from anyone.

Okay. I lied. I have attended an interview before, in Wangsa Maju. But there's no answer from them.

Waiting, waiting, and waiting.

And then someone wants me to meet her in her workplace. It's a new factory (but an old company), and they need lots of new workers. She asked me to work for her, as a supervisor. She is an assistant manager of a department. So I simply went there, asking for a secured job.

And they said something like working hour is around 7 am - 7 pm daily, Monday to Saturday, with not-so-high salary, etc. And I just accept it, because I have no other choice. Seriously, getting a job is extremely difficult nowadays.

And then there was this one call from I-don't-know-who.

"You're invited for an interview this Friday." - This call is actually from a company which is quite near to the one that I went for interview. I simply go there and fill the form, with no intention of getting hired there. Somehow, they call me for interview.

And there was another call. "You're hired as a production engineer. So please came in on this date, and you will need to sign your offer letter"


I went for supervisor interview, but it turns out that I was hired as an engineer.

And there's also another call a few days later. The company that I went for interview in Wangsa Maju called me, asking whether I'm still looking for a job. I replied "I'm hired for a company and will start working next few weeks"

And that was my story of getting hired.

In the meantime, my job is not really involve with what I've learned in UTM. Because my job scope involve with chemical/mechanical/manufacturing engineering. The only thing I need to focus is to monitor the parameters - temperature, flow rate, machine speed, etc. In a simpler words, it's not my dream job. But, whocares? As long as they gave me money, I will work hard for them. Besides, It's just 20 minutes form my home. Das ist ein Katzensprung.

Somehow, the story does not end there.

Someone asked me to submit my resume to her. She was a friend of my mother. Not really a close friend, but a friend. She says that she's looking for an electrical engineer (or electrical engineers) in Subang, I think. But once the job there is done, the workers gonna serve the main company - which is outside of Selangor. The good thing is, I can demand for higher salary. The bad news is, it's in Sarawak.

Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

There was time when we're out of choice. But there's also a time when we're full of choices.

Maybe, it's my time for "the time for full of choices" and no more "the time when you can't make any choice". But, I still can't make any choice. I'm thinking of submitting my resume sooner or later, but there's no guarantee that they will call me. Or even if they hired me, I I'm still unsure whether I should work for them or not.

And, if I leave now, what will happen to the other production engineers? What will happen to the company? Are they ready to accept this news? 

It's my dream job.

And it will be in Sarawak.

Make your choice. Are you ready to be strong?
Buffy the Vampire Slayer

~Natural Cure~


Hi! I am your silence reader hehe.
Well Sarawak isn't bad.
I live here for about 2yrs already.
Btw, where is in Sarawak u'll be working soon?

*silent reader

Have a nice day ahead.

I've submitted my resume to them just now, but that doesn't mean they'll call me in the future. At least, I've tried.

As far as I know, the main headquarters is in Kuching. But the placement is not necessary there. Sarawak is quite big, am I right? I might have a chance to explore that state someday - if only if they hired me. Eheh.

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