October 13, 2014, 3.32 pm

"Masa muda ialah sesuatu yang dicemburui oleh mereka yang tidak memilikinya."


Sometimes, I miss the time I was a little bit younger. We can sleep and dream for the whole day. It's like the future promises many things as long as we're working hard. We've been through the darkest days for years, thinking that there'll be sunlight at the end of the tunnel.

Everything will be sugar and rainbow, perhaps.

I think, a dream is just a a shattered dream.
I think, life do breaks us all.
I think, the future never promises anything.

To be honest, adulthood is totally a new realm for me.
It's your graduation day,
and you're jumping and throwing your mortar boards on the sky,
thinking that it's finally over.
You will have your job, your house, your new smartphone, your spouse and your children.
It's not, unfortunately.

You won't be promised that you will land your first job from the first interview.
2 vacancies and 2 000 applicants.
You can get your first rent house that's quite near to your workplace, but it's not cheap..
Or you won't get a good housemate.
You can get your new sophisticated smartphone.
And simply forgetting that you still need to pay for education loan.
You can marry anyone that you love.
But that doesn't mean that he or she will be your spouse forever.
You will have your children.
But it's not necessary means that their life will be secured.

Everything started going haywire, and you're doomed.
And that makes me realized that we can't control everything.

Through the darkest day, I close my eyes and pray.
Hoping that there'll be sugar and rainbow someday.

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