23 November 2013, 10.57 pm

Assalamualaikum everyone.

Today marks the day that my age change to a new number.
Which makes me, well, a lil' bit older. Heh.
So, happy birthday to me.

After all these years, I realised on few things recently.
There are things which seems so real, solid and concrete.
And that real thing, is the real world .
The world that exist around us, beyond the world that we create on our own.

Sometimes, I do feel tired of living as two person.

The one that lives in the Internet that jots everything in the blog.
With hundreds of followers, plus thousands of readers.

Posting lots of pictures and status updates in the Facebook.
A boy, a girl, nobody knows.

And the other, is the one who lives in the real world.
The one who I do not know how to describe.
It's just like a blank A4 paper.
There's tottally nothing special about me.

And I'm wondering,
who am I?
Nat Cure or "the other one"?

Friends. Followers. Readers.Likers.
The're just numbers.
I never have real friends in the real life.
Just a normal and plain 'somebody'.
Or even a 'nobody'. I don't know.

And, I think, I need to live as the real me.
No more hiding. No more writing.
No social networking either.

And the truth is, this is the last post in this blog.
There won't be any updates here in the future.
No story. No yelling. No shoutouting.
I leave this blog as it is..
And yes, I've deleted my facebook account. Seriously.

I'm just an ordinary introvert.
We're not an antisocial.
We're just differently social.
Virtual world is just a medium for us to communicate with the other people out there.
The only way that the extroverts can hear our 'voices'.
Because we never have the courage to face the real world.
We were born this way, and nothing can change that.
It's like a gemstones of a sculpture.
The inner material that determines the true quality of ourselves.

And I believe, I'm making the right choice.

And thanks for reading.
May Allah bless.



wow..face a real world, that move me

There's time, pandangan hidup dari sisi lain tu pun perlu. There's no such things as wrong been another side of you.. Come think of it, why people do blog reading? Eheh.

Sedih pula baca. Kenapa harus macam tu? Kalau macam tu, tak tahu update la. Hehe. -shilalovest lashi-

who are you?

well, for me, you are a good senior..
thanks for all the report..
masa LI, FYP..
it helps me a lot...
oh, and the juniors, too..
sebab saya bagi junior cntoh report awak..
Jazakillah for everything, senior!^^

btw, buat apa sekarang, ae?
lama x dengar berita..
(fb pun dah deactivate, ae...)
mungkin sebab saya nak konvo bulan 11 ni..
teringat pula dekat jurukamera tak rasmi KRU yg sorang nih~

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