September 4 2017, 11.00 pm

Yesterday was my first time that I arrived Genting Highlands, and my family and I went to the new Premium Outlets. It's foggy everywhere (literally).

And these are some pictures that I took. And sorry, I forgot to take the pictures of the outlets. Haha.

The playground.

The Food Court. You need to purchase a card to make payments. (Let's say we pay RM100 for the card. After order, the staff in the food court will scan the card and print a receipt. After eating, we can claim the change/balance from the card counter)

And we stop at Mini Cameron, buying strawberry ice cream.

So, basically, these 5 days holidays, I'm staying at my kampung for one night, then studying Add Math, German, and Electrical Machine, then raya, then studying again and again, went to Genting Highlands for a day, and studying again.

Notice: I can't really say I like shopping, and in common situation, I don't really like branded, expensive things. Buying RM200++ for a pair of Puma shoes is not me. But I don't mind buying cheap hoodie shirts from F.O.S., RM10 t-shirt from Tesco, less than RM50 baju raya from Parkson  and less than RM100 shoes from Bata. In fact, I don't really pay much attention about my appearence. These outlets are totally not my taste. In a much simpler terms, I'm simple.

~Natural Cure~

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